Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oops running late!

Sorry girls I'm running a bit late with the new sketch! Blushy

This one is done by the talented Jo Caird, and your colour pallet is primary colours of:
Red, Blue and Green, and of course Black.
And the requirement is to use chipboard somewhere on your LO

Here are our CT wonderful excamples;

Jo Caird

Donna Espiritu

Natalie Rayner

Natallie King

Shelly Wiliams

We also have one more March entry..

Leesa Garratt

Thanks to all the girls that entered, and good luck, the winners will be announced in the next day or two!
Looking forward to seeing all the April entries Sunshine


wendipooh13 said...

great sketch and fun colors, can't wait to get to this

melodydamom said...

wow great sketches and great blog :)

will have definately try one of these out they look great :)